Blueberry blender muffins

Blueberry blender muffins

Jazzy here! Back by popular demand. I posting this recipe again for all of the new Jazzy gurls joining us. I added blueberriesbecause these are so easy and healthy to incorporate. This recipe is sooooo easy! I make these all the time for a quick snack or breakfast. I hope you get as addicted to this little beauties as I did. Give Little Debbie a run for her money!! Tee Hee:-) The splurge ingredient is the coconut nectar. It's like maple syrup but lower on the glycemic indexand has a richer flavor in my opinion. Try and see if you like... Read More

By: JazzyGurl Wednesday March 28, 2018 comments Tags: Blueberry blender muffin , Blueberry muffin