Greece and Italy had a Baby Salad

Greece and Italy had a Baby Salad

This is my go-to get togetherfav! Packed with proteinand flavor you won't miss the fat ladenpotatosalad that's in the deli section at the store. Well... maybe not miss it q uit e so much. The splurge ingredient for today is artichoke hearts. I've tried this salad without it and my palettefeels naked without these little guys. They give this dish some oomph! The Goods: 2 cans of black beans drained and rinsed 2 cans of garbanzo (chick pea) beans drained and rinsed 1 can of olives halved 1 can of artichoke hearts plain... Read More

By: jazzygurl Wednesday November 16, 2016 comments Tags: balela salad, healthy balela salad, greek salad, healthy greek salad