Food Makeover: Health Levels and Flavor Anchors

Food Makeover: Health Levels and Flavor Anchors

I've been dying to write this one!!! LEVELS! Not everyone is able to live off of vitamins, proteinshakes, with lettuce in between. Ugh! But what I want you to try is: a little less salt, sugar and swap out foods. I'm know this is old news but let's take a fresh look at it. Take for example Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches. Most people love them or the McDonald's mcmuffin. Breakfast makeover time!!! Start with the muffin. Do a sprouted english muffin. Now the cheese, instead of American singles do sharp cheddar. If you... Read More

By: jazzygurl Wednesday December 21, 2016 comments Tags: flavor anchors, health levels, food swaps, food substitutes , food makeover