Decifer the mystery of a resturaunt menu

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Ever went to a food establishment and not know what the half the menu means? Or ordered something and got something completely unexpected? How do you know if your dish is healthy? Read on my friend! Below is a complied list of some things that may help you on your next outing.

  • Anything that says aloi more than likely has mayo in it.
  • Buerre blance sauce is a butter sauce.
  • Bechemel is a classic mother sauce usually used in cheesy dishes and contains butter and usually whole milk or cream.
  • Compote usually means fruit cooked down in sugar.
  • Reduction usually means cooked down and then more is added until the sauce is reduced or more concentrated. This taste lovely but can be very high in sugar and salt.
  • Frites is a fancy name for fries.
  • Shoe strings tiny crunchy fries.
  • Spreads usually are high in fat or sugar either fruit or mayo based.
  • Bisque a smooth soup that usually contains heavy cream.
  • Crunchy/crispy usually means fried.
  • Prosciutto is a thin and salty meat very close to ham for those who have never tasted it.
  • Pork belly the belly is one of the softest most tender part of an animal since the belly doesn't get worked like a shoulder roast. This is a good cheat treat.
  • A la mode topped with ice cream and or whipped cream
  • Risotto a lovely rice dish that requires toasting the rice and cooking off the liquid/wine a cup at a time. Very time consuming but delicious!  I only make this once a year or so this is a great cheat treat.
  • A la cart everything is priced individually with no extra sides. Watch out for this when ordering.
  • Empanada is a sugary donut with honey usually in Mexican food establishments
  • Beignets is a empanada worth powdered sugar usually  served in Southern food establishments.
  • Homemade hot chocolate is usually Swiss Miss so ask your serve if you want the real deal.
  • Bolognese is a meat sauce where the meat is cooked in cream and wine much like rissoto is prepared. One cup at a time until the liquid is cooked off and then a tomato sauce is added to finish.Very time consuming so this is a good cheat tread. However, traditional bolognese is made with veal. Keep that in mind if you want authentic.
  • Chips can be actual crispy potato chips in a bag or fries. If you want one or the other, double check with your server. (ex fish n chips you will get fries if you you are not specific)a
  • Finally ask if there is a shared plate charge. Some places charge up to 15 bucks to share an entree. At that point, you may want to order your own entree or at least an appetizer stating that is going to be your meal and then share both of it is going to cost the same.

I hope these tips and trick help you make better and smarter choices :-)

Stay Fit! Stay Jazzy! XOXO

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