How to eat healthy at the office

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Isn't it annoying when you're trying to be healthy and good only to find a piece of cake on your desk?

What about when everyone in the office knows that you're trying to improve your quality of life and eating style and they offer you a bag of chips?

Annoying isn't it?!

So what do you do? Some suggestions are: Give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they don't know that you are serious as they think you are. So you could try to kindly remind them that you were trying really hard to become a healthier and better person and as much as you appreciate their generous thought you kindly declined their offer for food.

If your co-worker tries to pressure you and say what I just want you to have this piece of cake so you don't feel like you're being left out, you can reply with: I don't feel like I'm left out I'm sitting right here with everybody else at the party enjoying my wonderful strawberries but thank you for the offer. I will not be eating any cake.

This tactic is very PC.

What if your co-worker says it's just a one-time once in awhile treat?  This one is my least favorite. What your friends and family don't realize sometimes is that you have a life inside and outside of work and family and a once-in-a-while treat for them combined with everyone else in your life may be an everyday occurrence for you. When certain types of people try to pressure you try a tactic such as: Thank you so much, but I already had my weekly treat on Monday so I'm going to enjoy the carrots I already brought with me.

You can also say no by saying yes. If they ask do you want a piece of cake you can say: I'd love a piece of cake if I wasn't so full of my sandwich. You can also say no by saying yes: Oh I would love a treat however I'm going to go have a treat with my husband later this evening. I'm just going to have my salad for lunch but thank you. This way the people who are trying to offer you food thinking they're being kind don't feel slammed and upset and rejected.

What about the random food you may find on your desk? A lot of the time at least in my experience the people who leave the food rarely come back and asked how you liked it. But if you're concerned do the chip rule. Look at the piece of cake and notice the pretty little design on it. If you need to be honest, take a finger of icing to taste and throw the rest away. By any chance they stop by and ask how you like the cake you can avoid the direct question by saying: "Oh yes thank you I saw it on my desk it was so pretty with the little blue flowers. I thought it was beautiful." If they pressure about how it tasted you can tell them: "Oh yes I really enjoyed the butter cream frosting."

This way you're not stuck eating the cake and the other person doesn't get their feelings hurt. Best of all, you didn't have to lie.

Hope this is helpful!

Stay Fit! Stay Jazzy! XOXO

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