How to make creamy dressings that are dairy and mayo free?

By: JazzyGurl Wednesday August 9, 2017 comments Tags: How to make creamy dressings that are dairy and mayo free, mayo free

So your on a roll with healthy this and E-Word that. Now let's go to the next level: Dairy 

Cutting out dairy is not as hard and you may think. Flax milk is my go to for all things needing milk. I still struggle with cheese but over all flax is my savior. A another hurdle is salad dressing. Below are some dairy free ideas:

White Beans can add creaminess to a sauce when blended in a blender. Not to mention an extra protein boost. Can't argue with that!

Avocados! When something requires butter or heavy cream try this green beauty! Full of good fats, avocados can be used for icing, brownies, graveys and sauces. 

Mix in some olive oil. Let me teach you a new E-Word. A good E-Word word... Emulsion!

That's right! You can have a wonderful creamy dressing without the dairy! You know that little plastic piece in the lid of your blender? That's not so you can play frisbee. You can take the plastic piece out and pour in your olive oil while your herbs are mixing for a nice creamy texture. Forget vinagerettes! This is a nice way to shake up (pun intended) your salad routine. 

Last but not least nutritional yeast. This can add a fun cheesy flavor to your dressing or just sprinkle on top instead of parmsean.

Feel free t write down your ideas in the comments!

Stay Fit! Stay Jazzy! XOXO 

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