How to make healthy choices at a restaurant

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The oh so dreaded family reunion at "the restaurant". If you like your family then yay! This is by no means an excuse to take a whole day or weekend off and sabotage all of your hard work. Your newly acclaimed healthier body with turn on you with a vengeance including but not limited to: bloating, food baby (yes they do exist), gastronomic intestinal difficulties (rancid farts), water retention, headaches, and the emotional "I hate myself I should just give up now" attitude. 

Don't!!! You can conquer this before it starts! I will tell you how. 

1. Pre-order. This is so important. I still do to this very day. I look up the menu online and write down what I would like on a sticky note and give to the waiter. This way, I've had a day or so to look over the menu online and decide the best choices without the peer pressure of friends, family, or the waiter. It also doesn't allow me to choose any unhealthy sides that the waiter may offer since I chose them beforehand.

2. Sharing is caring. IF by any chance I really start to regret choosing a salad over fries or zucchini instead of pasta, my pals are usually more than happy to let me have a bite or two. The beautiful part of this strategy is: It's on someone else's plate and not yours. You can't over eat unless you want a fork to magically be lodged into your forearm. (Guilty!) Most of the time is your nose that is your enemy. Once you have that one fry or onion ring, (eat is slowy and enjoy it) the craving should be gone or at least tolerable. Drink and glass of water and continue with your own meal and put a gold star on your calendar when you get home.

3. Eat before you leave the house. This is an oldie but a goodie. Eating before you even hit the restaurant will save you 100's if not 1000's of calories and a night sobbing watching Gilmore Girls (Guilty Again!). I usually have an apple or some flax crackers in my bag (see recipe here) if I'm on the go and don't have a minute to stop at home. Flax will start to gel when combined with a liquid which starts to fill me up a little and make the hunger pain go away a little. Even when this plan fails me I always have plan 1 and 2 to back me up.

4.Have a drink. Not alcohol (one maybe). Not soda. Not even water (I know right!). Try sweet tea, coffee, or club soda. Here's why: You can flavor them with stevia. Stevia comes in a plethora of flavors. Grape, cola, root beer, orange, watermelon, or plain just to name a few. It's much easier to be in a group around all the yummies when you have your little 'sweet treat' which actually isn't a cheat at all. I actually passed up on a bite of dessert with my cappuccino and toffee stevia. True Story!

I know all of these tips may not work for you. What I do know is that it doesn't take much to spiral down into a binge eating, t.v. watching, soul hating oblivion weekend of poor food choices that take forever to crawl out of. I sincerely hope something in this blog will help you continue on your journey successfully.

Stay Fit! Stay Jazzy! XOXO

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