I HATE cooking at home how to do I get organized

By: JazzyGurl Wednesday December 20, 2017 comments Tags: how to cook at home, cooking at home made easy


I get this complaint a lot: I absolutely HATE cooking at home!!

Cooking at home is not so bad. Really!!

Break up your prep of you have to.

Do sauces your first weekend of the month (ie BBQ, aoli, salad dressings).
Your granola and freezable deserts and breads the second weekend (ie sorbets, ice cream, cookies, banana bread).

The rest of the month you just need to cook proteins and veggies

It will take some work up front but it will be worth it. It's much easier to make desserts and snacks once and have them measured in perfect portions.

You can also do your prep on the weekends. i usually go grocery shipping on Wednesday, then prep on Saturday. I usually spend 1-2 hours in the kitchen on Saturday (between prep and the monthly sauces and snacks), but then over the work week I only cook 10-15 min which is nice when your super tired. How do you think I made all those videos so fast ;-)

Stay Fit! Stay Jazzy! XOXO

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