Knife Skills: Are they really all that important?

By: JazzyGurl Wednesday April 19, 2017 comments Tags: knife skills, kitchen knife skills, knife cuts

Short answer yes!

Knowing what types of cuts that are available will help you know how to properly and safely handle your food in the quickest way possible.

First let's talk about safety and the position of your hands:


now lets talk about safely holding the knife


finally lets see how to safely handle your food and care for your knife.

Now the good part!

The knife cuts I use the most:

  • chifonade- leafy greens and herbs
  • pivot- nuts, smaller herbs like parsley, garlic
  • dice- just about everything
  • mince- strong flavors mainly garlic or ghost peppers things you don't want a mouthful of
  • Bias- these are just pretty and you can impress your friends with your plating
  • concasse- veggies that you plan to puree or make into a smooth sauce

Stay Fit! Stay Jazzy! XOXO

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