Last new year resolution check in

By: jazzygurl Wednesday October 4, 2017 comments Tags: New year resolution ideas

Last call to wrap up the year with your goals. This is a good time to reflect on what is and is not working. what your successes and set backs were.

We don't  say failures cause that is the f-wf-word. You only fail when you give up.

Do you need to step it up or down a notch? do you see something that you want to work on? What items do you need or now have to accomplish your goals?

We are talking about more than just fitness here. we are talking about over all physical emotional financial health.

Do you want to save 1000 bucks this year, or not allow one person to use you as a door it mat, or to finally allow yourself to dance in the rain, or try a new food, or take a class and learn something new? FYI, JazzyFitClub started when I was taking my cooking classes ends I didn't even know it. 

To get the brain juices flowing here are my goals for next year along with mt game plan: Save 2500 bucks for a car down payment, avoid negative talk in groups at all cost (occasional venting to a bff is ok that's healthy), 1 hr on the treadmill at 6 incline going 2.6 mpg and grow my hair 2 inches, and finally reconnecting with 2 friends.

I made a budget and had to give up some things, but I should meet that goal by Nov of next year  I gave myself a month buffer in case something in unexpected happens. I am also going to write down positive verbiage in my phone when talk starts to go down hill and practice it. Sounds silly but being an introvert this really help me. For the treadmill I have to actually turn down my speed so I can focus on increasing the incline. Sometimes it's not about how fast you get there but how many calories you burn. The higher the incline the more calories I burn. To grow my hair will be taking supplements and using vitamin enriches shampoo. Already started to look for these with the holiday sales. This a great time to get supplies that you may need hence this blog to remind you! Finally friends. I plan on hosting 2 girl nights and hope to rekindle some friendships. Not like we had life fight, but life just happens and we tend to let kids and jobs to get in the way of connecting with our peeps. 

I hope you are pumped to and inspired to get a head start in next year and make it the best year yet!!!

Stay Fit! Stay Jazzy! XOXO

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