Non-boring left over ideas

By: JazzyGurl Wednesday August 23, 2017 comments Tags: Healthy leftover ideas

Who loves leftovers?


Have no fear the leftover fairy is here!

Below are some quick dinner ideas. They may not be Jazzy healthy, BUT it's healthier than ordering out. Baby steps in the right direction!

  • Bbq quesadillas with chicken, veggies, bbq sauce and cheese. Toss some pineapple or peppers for an extra kick.
  • Ghetto pannis with tortillas or sprouted bread, pesto, cheese, and grilled veggies and/or left over pot roast
  • Take left over meatloaf and make into salisbury steak
  • Take left over chili add bbq sauce for ghetto sloppy joes. Yyou can also crumble up left over hamburger patties and do the same thing even make chili  or pasta sauce
  • Chicken can be made into chicken soup shred it for sandwiches, nachos, tacos, quesadillas, soup a grilled chicken salad
  • Left over veggies can be used in soups or egg cups

Stay Fit! Stay Jazzy!


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