Pick your ingredients

By: JazzyGurl Wednesday December 6, 2017 comments Tags: pick out ingredients, how to choose ingredients at the store

If you pick the cheapest crappies ingredients. Your dish will show it and be the last bowl emptied at the party. Now you don't have to go all crazy and spend a fortune on your grandma's Apple pie. But knowing where to put your money is a great tool. A lot of my recipies will say yes must have this or the splirge ingredient. And you'll know that's the ingredient to splurge on. After a while you'll just know what to get the achieve the flavor to want.

Example a block of parm cheese is better quality and flavor than the shaker kind. The shaker kind is the left over pieces of the block cheesr. Same for feta. The block of feta is better quality. 

The best water melon has a white butt. Lol that right! that means i wwas attached to the plant the longest sso it will be juicy.

Annever shicc yyour corn at thegrocery stor! the corn is all clean and safe and yo aaee taking off it's protection and then letting it will aroid in the cart and hevean Corbin fall a onhe store floor.

lastlt Your body is constantly making new cells and renewing itself. Where does the body get what it needs to do that? FROM FOOD! Don't cheat your body. If you eat crappy food you will have a crappy body and feel crappy.\\

Stay Fit! Stay Jazzy! XOXO

PS Feel free to comment with any Jazzy additions to this recipe. You never know, I may feature your ideas in an upcoming video.

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