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By: JazzyGurl Wednesday February 28, 2018 comments Tags: Apple shape, How to eat for an apple shape


I've been debating on writing this one. My heart was broken when I discovered I was an apple/inverted triangle. Yep, broad shoulders, big boobs and no butt. So sad. When I was doing crossfit I literally started to look like a boy with the developed shoulders and arms. Being an apple also means all my fat stores in my tummy, arms, and neck. I looked like a husky football player. What a crock! So I'm supposed to look like a lolly pop on two stick legs my whole life?
Not to fear!
Apple's can be healthy and beautiful!
It just takes a little longer.
First thing I learned that broad shoulders can be aa beautiful thing! It's actually the figure most modeling agencies desire because clothes hang on the shoulders nicely. V-necks area my fav as well since they draw attention away from my massive shoulders. Also stay away from prints!! If you love prints choose either a top or a bottom not both. Unless you wanna look squashed. I prefer leopard and geometric prints. Florals are too busy for my short waist. 
Now to food. For apple's, carbs are not your best friend. Tears I know. But it's true. To slowly get off of carbs switch to sprouted bread and pasta. Make thee health protien powder ice cream of reg ice cream. Order all your coffees a skinny drink and hold the bread and swap fries for a salad. The first two weeks stink but it does get better I promise. Soda can be swapped for sparkling water and stevia. If you really want a cakey dessert try a mug cake. Its single serving size. 
Finally this is a sad one. You will probably have have a six pack like your friend that is a pear and carries her fat in the hips. The best I can get is the few definition lines you see on this website. Unless I starve myself which you should never do. So I have to accept and love my  body for what it is. A apple. Honestly, it's not so bad....
Stay Fit! Stay Jazzy!

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