The hangry monster wants carbs!! NOW

By: JazzyGurl Wednesday September 14, 2016 comments Tags: carbs, carb cravings, what do carb cravings mean, beat carb cravings

You're not yourself when you want carbs!  (I'm sooo guilty!)

My go to carb friend is pizza. That lovely combination of bread and cheese topped with whatever I desire...... ok snap out of it!

Let's break it down. When your body craves carbs it usually means you are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Chromium is a big one when it comes to carbs. Having diabetes in my family, I take a chromium supplement each day. However, for the rest of you they are several ways to get your chromium and have fun eating it.

Instead of the usual chromium food list that you get online (boring!) let's go over some fun food combos.

Since we're on the subject of pizza let's stick with that. First off skip the crust! Try eggplant (salt the slices first). If that turns your stomach, try zuchinni or portabella mushrooms (mushrooms have chromium). You  can also use cabbage leaves and make a pizza calzone. Don't worry I will make a video for all of this. Potato slices are high in chromium as well. Use purple potatoes and get 4x more antioxidants as a regular potato! Double whammy for you! Tomatoes, broccoli, and raw onions have chromium as well.

If all else fails, I love sweet potato pizzas or a ghetto pizza using sprouted tortillas. The sprouted tortillas will give you an extra protein punch.

Stay Jazzy! Stay Fit! XOXO

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