What does my craving mean?

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Ugh!! The craving monster strikes again as you reach for the box of cookies stashed under your bed. Or when you go to the drive thru just for a salad and a burger with fries magically appeared out of the pick up window. Where do these cravings come from? Most of the time it's your body telling you need something and references food you are familiar with to get what it needs. Keep reading!

Chocolate and carb cravings usually mean your body needs magnesium and or chromimum.To curb the craving, try taking a daily supplement (I take both) or eat more apples and bananas. Jazzy's PMS banana bread is great for this. If you rw ally want chocolate try the dark chocolate or carob. It's better for you.

Pizza or ice cream usually means your body needs calcium or fats. Dark leafy greens or peanut butter should do the trick of you are dairy free. Otherwise, the incredible edible egg cup is a good choice as well.

Chips usually means sodium so try using the pink salt that has more minerals or even celery. Celery is naturally salty. If it's a sweet add salty you are looking for try peanut butter and dates or jelly on celery or a few crackers. Sounds strange I know but it totally works for me!

Fried chicken or french fries means you want what else?? FAT. Not all fats are bad, you need fat for your brain to function. Try an omega supplement or flax milk. Coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil are good as well. My poached salmon recipe or vegan fries could do the trick for you as well.

Coffee usually means caffeine unless you take coffee with your sugar. Try a vitamin B couple supplement as this can help de-stress your adrenal glands.

Steak or a burger can be an iron or amino acid deficiency. Amino acids are essential to muscle and cell health as they help build proteins. Women are usually deficient in iron around that time of the month. Eating spinach kale can help. An amino acid supplement is great too. I take them everyday.

Hope this helps you beat the craving monster!

Stay Fit! Stay Jazzy! XOXO

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