Soy free ginger madness sauce

Soy free ginger madness sauce

This is one of my favorite cheat treat sauces and is excellent with ahi tuna or tofu fries. A little goes a long way so enjoy! The splurge ingredient is the sunflower mayo. Sunflower oil I highin omega 6, vitamin e, and no saturated fat. If you're gonna do the deed and have mayo (hopefully in moderation) I suggest sunflower mayo. The Goods; 1 cup of safflower mayo 1tps red pepper flakes or to taste 1 tbscoconut aminos 1 tbsof sugar (i prefer white sugar here but go no more than 2 tbsto suit your taste) 2 tsp... Read More

By: jazzygurl Wednesday May 30, 2018 comments Tags: Sweet Ginger sauce, Asian ginger sauce